December 2020

Advent of code

Counting Down the Days in Code

Computer Science Professor Robert Xiao is not getting chocolate surprises daily as he plays in the ‘Advent of Code’ programming contest, running from December 1…

Professor Alla Sheffer named IEEE Fellow

UBC Computer Science Professor Alla Sheffer will be inducted as an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellow, effective January 1, 2021…
Nobel Prize

Keeping company with a Nobel Prize winner

UBC Computer Science Professor Dr. Kevin Leyton Brown won’t be winning a Nobel Prize anytime soon. For one thing, the Nobel Prize does not have a category in…

November 2020

Kevin Leyton Brown

Affecting Social Impact with AI

UBC Professor in Computer Science Kevin Leyton-Brown, and Canada CIFAR AI Chair, has made a significant difference in the advancement of social issues in Uganda…

October 2020