Steps to Application

  1. Check out our graduate programs.
  2. Visit Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for information and overviews of our programs.
  3. Read through the eligibility criteria before submitting an application.
  4. Read our application components for detailed information about how to submit an online application, deadlines and a list of required documents to provide.

    Application & Supporting Documents Deadline: December 15, 2022 (for September 2023 / January 2024)

    Online application will be available in late September/early October. Apply early so that your referees can submit their references by the deadline.

  5. Complete and submit your application with supporting documents. We strongly recommend that you upload them online to avoid delays. 
  6. Wait for the decision.

    Admission to the PhD Track 

    Admission to the PhD Track is extremely competitive. From the many applications we receive every year, our Grad Recruiting and Admissions Committee will select a very small number of students for entry based on academic excellence, research achievement, perceived potential for the PhD program, and fit with the interests of a potential supervisor. There are risks involved with this kind of fast tracking for both the student and the department and so the Research Proficiency Evaluation (RPE) has been put into place to mitigate those risks.

Tuition fees, enrollment numbers and more for each program:

MSc program

PhD program