Transfer Credit

Students transferring from another institution must apply for admission to UBC. Students applying to the Faculty of Science will have to go through the BSc Specialization Application process to be considered for admission to Computer Science.

Students applying to the Faculty of Arts will need to submit a separate application form to the Department of Computer Science once they have been accepted to UBC. For information on transferring credits, see the BC transfer guide; it has information for incoming students.

If you have Computer Science credits that you are transferring to UBC, we strongly recommend that you receive academic advising before you register, and you can do this by emailing our undergrad support.  This is especially true for students having unspecified CPSC transfer credits, that is, credits designated as CPSC 1st or CPSC 2nd (which do not explicitly map to a CPSC course number).

Please visit our How to Apply page for more information.