B.Sc Second Degree

Upon graduation from this program, you will receive a Bachelor of Science degree. To earn a second Bachelor's degree, you need to satisfy two broad conditions:

1. You must meet all the requirements for the degree you seek (that have not already been met in your previous study)

2. You must complete an additional 60 credits, of which 48 must be 300 level or above

You must apply to the Faculty of Science to pursue a second Bachelor of Science degree. You must also see an advisor before registering for second degree courses. 
To apply for a Computer Science specialization (major, combined major, etc.) use the centralized process administered by the Faculty of Science

Once you have been admitted to the university as a second degree student in the B.Sc. program, book an appointment with an advisor in the Computer Science department to "map out" the requirements for your second degree. The specific courses you must take will depend on the courses you took in your first degree. Bring your transcripts and course descriptions to the appointment. Please note that you must also apply for admission to the Computer Science program using our application webform. However, please note that the department does not process applications year round.

For specific second degree requirements, please see the UBC Calendar.  

Please contact the UBC Admissions Office of the Registrar at Brock Hall for further information on registration deadlines.