Labs & Tutorials

Some courses have associated "secondary sections": lab or tutorial/discussion sections. You should register for these in the same way that you register for your courses.

I want to take a lecture seat but cannot take it because no seat is available in a lab or tutorial/discussion section I can attend

If the course you want to register in or for which you have a waitlist seat offer has lab or tutorial/discussion sections, then you can only take a lecture seat if you can also take an appropriate lab or tutorial/discussion seat.

You may need to change your registration in other courses to get access to a lab or tutorial/discussion where there are available seats. You may alternatively take a seat in an undesirable but workable time and then try to change your time as described below.

I want to change my lab or tutorial/discussion section

Due to the way Workday Student handles simultaneous waitlists in lecture and secondary (lab or tutorial/discussion) sections in a single course, it is not feasible to use waitlists for lab and tutorial/discussion sections for the foreseeable future. If you wish to change your lab or tutorial/discussion registration, please watch for seats to open in promising alternate sections and claim them when they become available.

DO NOT do the following, as we will not respond to these requests (we simply get too many of the following requests, and our staff need to focus on more urgent matters):

  • Submit a registration webform
  • Email undergrad-info
  • Approach student advisors or departmental administrators/assistants

Should I attend only my registered lab or tutorial/discussion section?

By UBC policy, you must attend the section in which you are registered. Pay attention to information from your course to determine whether more flexibility than that is available for your specific course.

What if my first lab or tutorial/discussion date occurs before the first lecture?

For most of our winter session courses, labs and tutorials do not occur before the first lecture, or during the first week of classes. However, CPSC 110 and 210 labs begin during the first week of classes and they may begin before your first lecture. Also, many summer session courses may have labs during the first week (because the summer terms are so short). Check with your instructor if you are not sure.