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The CS Undergraduate facilities consist of 12 computer labs, 7 project rooms, and a number of large informal learning spaces spread throughout the first three floors of the ICICS building. Computer labs are often booked for courses, but when they aren't, students are welcome to drop in.

Through electronic access control, all labs are open to all students 24/7 when not actively in use for scheduled lab sections, with one exception: ICCS X360, the HCI lab, is only accessible to students taking courses assigned to that lab.

Lab Policies

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Computing Accounts

Departmental computing accounts are provided for students enrolled in a Computer Science course and for students majoring in Computer Science.  These accounts allow students access to the undergraduate servers. Students must reactivate their accounts every school year (September).
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Who should I contact if I'm having problems in the lab?

Email When reporting issues, please include the following information:

  • CWL
  • The problem
  • Time
  • Lab

Academic questions should be address to your TA. To find out when your TA has office hours TA office hours for more information.