Graduate Students from UBC CS

Graduate students in our department should be able to register online for all CPSC courses. If the course is full, please contact the instructor. You may need to complete Registration/Change of Registration Form and send it to the Graduate Program Administrator at

For undergrad courses, please refer to the following section titled "CS Undergrad Courses".

Registration for courses in other departments for Credit

Graduate students should contact the department that is offering the course for the registration procedure for that department. If you are asked to complete the Registration/Change of Registration Form, you should obtain the signatures from the relevant course instructor, then submit the form to the Graduate Program Administrator at to obtain the graduate program advisor's signature. If the department doesn't have any specific instructions, the form will be forwarded to Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Registration for courses in other departments for Audit

Graduate students should use the Registration/Change of Registration Form. Please ensure that you put the course information under Course Section AUDIT. The form must signed by the course instructor AND your supervisor or the Graduate Program Advisor before submitting it to the Graduate Program Administrator at Please include the email address on the form. For detailed information about guidelines for undergraduate students taking graduate courses, please refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Registration for CS Undergrad Courses

Please note that you may not be able to register yourself in the undergraduate course section(s) or waitlists because you do not meet the hard prerequisites. Graduates will need to use the Request for Registration Assistance web form (CWL login required). 

Please submit this request as farin advance of your registration date as possible. It is important that you provide full information in your request: All course(s) you hope to register or waitlist for, which prerequisite(s) you lack in each according to your UBC transcript, how and why you meet each prerequisite, and a record of your supervisor’s support for you to take these courses as part of your grad program. The Undergraduate Program will review your request. Processing these requests may take several weeks. If your request for assistances is approved, you will either be registered if a seat is available or placed on the waitlist with your waitlist position backdated to no later than one business day after you supplied complete information in your request for registration assistance.

Auditing an Undergraduate Course in CS

Please notify us if you intend to audit an undergraduate course, as you will only be allowed entry if there is no waiting list.