Tri-Mentoring Program

About the program

The Computer Science Tri-mentoring program matches junior undergraduate/graduate students with senior undergraduate/graduate students, who are in turn matched with industry or faculty mentors.

Junior students get advice from senior students regarding course planning, student life, and opportunities for extracurricular activities. As a participant, you can explore career options and hone your networking and communications skills by participating in activities like job shadowing, company visits, career fairs, and industry panels with your mentor.

Watch this video about the mentor and mentee experience. 

To participate, you'll need to:

How it runs

The program brings together students, faculty, alumni, and industry mentors 3x/year for mentoring and networking, with each triad also meeting on its own at least two times per year. The program is run by a group of student representatives together with Program Coordinator, Michele Ng, and with help and guidance given by the Student Development Committee.

New features are constantly added to the program, including the creation of a student-led steering committee, the incorporation into mentoring events of icebreaking activities such as “speed mentoring sessions,” the establishment of Incredible Mentor Awards for long-term service, and the inclusion of graduate students into the program. The program is currently the largest mentoring program at UBC’s Vancouver campus and has the following features:

  • A “speed mentoring” activity at the kick-off event. Students will network with mentors in small groups and find out about the mentors' career paths, their advice to students about how best to prepare for professional life (what technical skills are useful, the value of co-op and other work experiences, and what type of extra-curricular activities to join); and their insights regarding labour market trends and effective job search approaches
  • Technical interview skills practice sessions with industry mentors (for senior students)
  • Resume feedback clinics

Senior students

The benefits are many in participating as a senior student:

  • Receive mentoring and 1:1 advice from a faculty member or an industry professional
  • Provide mentoring and share your experiences with a junior student
  • Networking
  • Improve your own communication skills
  • Learn about real-life work experiences
  • Develop mentoring and leadership skills
  • Get career advice and gain job search skills


  • You must be a second year (or higher) master’s student, a second year+ PhD student, or a 3rd/4th year undergraduate student in computer science
  • Meet face-to-face with your mentor and mentee once per term, including activities such as attending career fairs, industry panels, professional association meetings
  • Attend tri-mentoring kickoff and wrap-up events

Junior students

The benefits are many in participating as a junior student:

  • Get 1:1 advice and guidance on what it is like to be a Computer Science student at UBC
  • Learn about careers in Information Technology
  • Discover networking and extracurricular activities on campus
  • Clarify your educational plan
  • Gain insight into course combinations, the Co-op program, opportunities available, and work/life balance
  • Connect with fellow students
  • Practice your communication skills
  • Get tips on managing classes
  • Receive advice on job seeking and job options


  • You must be a first year master’s, first year PhD student, or a second year undergraduate student in Computer Science, or a second year student exploring the option of majoring in a Computer Science program
  • Meet face-to-face with your mentor once per term, including activities such as attending career fairs, industry panels, professional association meetings.
  • Attend tri-mentoring kick off and wrap up events

Tri-mentoring Sponsors

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