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Spin-off Companies

UBC Computer Science has been a hub for many spin-off companies. With access to on-campus resources and collaboration, many go on to have great success. If you're interested in entrepreneurship, see our Spin-off Guide on how to build a company from your UBC research. 

Check out some of the spin-offs that have arisen from UBC CS in past years:

Startup company

  • BBTV, a global media company with the world's only comprehensive tech-powered solution for creators, brands and media companies
  • Brightside Technologies, high-dynamic range display hardware company, acquired by Dolby Laboratories in 2007
  • Canexia Health: pairs the latest advances in oncology with machine learning to provide cancer professionals with the insights needed to make targeted treatment decisions for their patients. Founded in 2012
  • Cloudburst Research was a computer vision start-up to produce AutoStitch, acquired by Google in 2015
  • Curatio.me:  helps private social health networks connect and empower patients, increase adherence and improve outcomes, founded in 2013, merged to become RxPx in 2022. 
  • Exotic Matter: computer graphics company which made physical stimulation software for the film industry; acquired by Autodesk in 2012
  • Gaze:  an AI startup that offers visual recognition technologies for online transactions; launched in 2018
  • Hemisphere Games:  an indie game studio with a penchant for physics, audio and uniquely compelling gameplay. "Games for both sides of your brain." Creators of Osmos, and co-founded 2009
  • HomeCourt (NEX Team):  a mobile artificial intelligence company focused on bringing utility and joy to millions of basketball players worldwide, founded in 2017 
  • Inverted AI  applies predictive modelling to map human behavior 3 seconds into the future, with particular focus on self-driving vehicles. Founded 2018
  • Mobify:  co-founded in 2007, and acquired by SalesForce in 2020 for $60M ​
  • NEX Team Inc.
  • Nytilus Inc. makes it possible to convert a smartphone to an industrial camera. Created in 2017  
  • Pixile Studios:  creator of multiplayer games, including Super Animal Royale
  • Plot + Scatter:  data analysis, UX, & UI
  • PocketPixels:  creator of Colour Splash, a digital retouch app selected by Apple for the App Store Hall of Fame
  • Point Grey Research:  computer vision-sensing hardware company acquired by FLIR in 2016
  • Skylab Technologies:  digital image retouching using Machine Learning, founded 2019 
  • Sleepycat Software Inc:  software company primarily responsible for maintaining the Berkeley DB packages from 1996 to 2006  and later was acquired by Oracle
    Spare:  mobility management platform
  • Tasktop: software development and delivery company, bought by Planview
  • Visier recognized global leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business
  • Vital Mechanics:  patented technology simulates how the human body moves and interacts with physical objects using soft tissue biomechanics and high-performance computing
  • Webnames.ca:  spinoff of Canada's .ca original domain registrar, owned and operated since 2000
  • Zite/Worio, personalized news aggregator, acquired by CNN in 2011
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