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Why Computer Science at UBC?

The UBC Department of Computer Science is an internationally-renowned department, and we consistently rank among the top three computer science departments in Canada.

5 Things that Distinguish Us

1. Rankings

The UBC Department of Computer Science has a strong research presence both nationally and internationally. We are currently tied for #1 in Canada.

2. Inter-disciplinary & dedicated faculty

We are distinguished by our focus on interdisciplinary research, where our faculty collaborate with professors in other disciplines, reflecting the increasing role that computer science plays in our world. Within their respective areas, our professors are highly respected internationally. Their educational leadership and leading-edge research translates into the most current information available, which is then directly taught in the classroom.

3. Diverse programs

As a modern, world-class computer science department, we offer core and specialized courses that enable you to work in a variety of areas such as genomics, medicine, robotics, finance, gaming, e-commerce, advertising, management, web technologies, or environmental technology. In all, we offer more than 100 different courses in the field.

4. Innovative student enrichment 

We take great pride in being an incredibly friendly and collegial department. We also believe that learning doesn't just take place in the classroom. We've developed many pathways for you, so you can develop a broad range of skills and be prepared for your career. These include our popular science co-op and tri-mentoring programs, as well as numerous opportunities to interact with industry and to volunteer in any of the department's outreach programs.

5. Flexible options

Our degree programs are flexible to accommodate your interests, with options like our highly-popular dual-degree program. You don't need any programming experience to enter our department and you can even take any course in our department for which you have prerequisites, even if you're not taking a computer science degree. We encourage every UBC student to take at least one computer science course.

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