Double Majors

Unlike a Combined Major program, students enrolling in a Double Major are required to complete all the specialization requirements for both subject areas. In most cases, it will take longer than four years to complete a Double Major. BSc students wishing to undertake a Double Major in the Faculty of Science (e.g., BSc Major in Computer Science and another Science specialization), or in Arts (BA Major in Computer Science and another Arts specialization), may do so with the permission of an advisor in their home faculty -- and advisors in both departments. BA students wishing to undertake a Double Major where the second Major is the BSc in Computer Science (rather than the BA) should consult with an Arts advisor (see

Students not already in a Computer Science specialization:

Please refer to the instructions for the Major in Computer Science (BSc or BA), above, as you will be subject to the same competitive admissions process. If you are accepted, you will then be required to complete the applicable Double Major form referenced below:

Application for Double Major, both majors in Science

Application for Double Major, first major in Science and second major in Arts

Other programs may have additional admissions procedures (e.g. Biology and Microbiology & Immunology programs), and you may be required to go through additional steps after your appointment with the Computer Science advisor.
How to apply