Course Reserves

Reserve material on short-term or restricted loan for current Computer Science (CPSC) courses. Other related courses (APSC, COGS, CPEN, EECE) may also have material on Course Reserve.

To find material on Course Reserve, check the list of Current Course Reserves [pdf], or search the ICICS/CS Reading Room catalogue for the course and number.

For your information, the Past Course Reserves page has some of the books that have been used during the past few offerings of many courses, either as textbooks, other references or course reserves.

Requesting Course Reserves

NEW: We currently have some physical textbook copies available for 1-week loan. Please contact us to request material for pickup.

Notes for Instructors

Please contact us with book purchase requests. If the material is for a course, please try to contact us a month before the start of the course.

If you would like material to be placed on Course Reserve, try to contact us two weeks before the start of the course.

As the UBC Library is open evenings and weekends, we suggest that it be used as the primary source for Undergraduate Course Reserves. The ICICS/CS Reading Room can be used to provide alternate or backup copies of Undergraduate books. Note: The ICICS/CS Reading Room is independent from the UBC Library system.

Other UBC Course Reserves

The UBC Library also has course reserve material: UBC Library Course Reserves.

Check the Library website for branch hours.

Check out the Instructor Resources pages for adding Library course reserves.

Note: The ICICS/CS Reading Room is independent from the UBC Library system.

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