CPSC 110 Challenge Exam

What is it?

If you believe you already know the material covered in CPSC 110, you can apply to challenge the course. You will be required to write a challenge exam and, assuming you obtain the minimum grade, you will be given the option of accepting credit for CPSC 110. This credit will count towards your graduation requirements exactly as if you had taken the course in the usual way.

What grade do I have to get to earn challenge credit?

A grade of at least 72% is required on the exam to successfully challenge the course.

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When is it?

The CPSC 110 challenge exam is usually held within the first week of classes at the beginning of Winter Term 1 (September), Winter Term 2 (January) and Summer Term 1 (May). The department will contact applicants with the exact time and location shortly after the application deadline has passed.

Am I eligible?

You should be confident that you already know the material covered in CPSC 110. Lecture notes and past final examinations are available for review in the resources section of the CPSC 110 syllabus. Students who already have a grade in CPSC 110 or a "W" standing in the course are not eligible to write the challenge exam. Students may not attempt the challenge exam more than once.

How do I apply?

If you would like to write the challenge exam, apply and pay using our payment website (see bottom of page). Please see the CPSC 110 Info page for the deadline to submit.

You must also register in CPSC 110 in the term in which you wish to write the challenge exam. You should register in the waiting list if necessary. You must attend all lectures and labs until it has been confirmed that you have received a sufficiently high grade on the challenge exam to earn credit for the course.

How much does it cost?

There is a non-refundable fee equivalent to one credit of tuition. Please see the current fee schedule in the UBC Calendar. Note that we charge international students the same fee as Canadian citizens and permanent residents. We can accept only credit card payments at the time of application.

Will it be recorded on my transcript?

If you successfully challenge the course, you will be asked whether or not you wish to have the grade recorded on your transcript. If you choose to have the grade recorded, the letters "CH" will appear on your transcript next to the grade, to indicate that you challenged the course, and you will earn (4) credits towards your degree. If you choose not to have the grade recorded on your transcript, you will receive an exemption from CPSC 110 which will allow you to take other CPSC courses that have CPSC 110 as a prerequisite, but you will not earn any course credit towards your degree.

If you do not achieve the minimum grade necessary to earn challenge credit, no grade will be placed on your transcript and there will be no record of you having attempted to challenge the course on your transcript.

What if I still have questions about the challenge exam?

We have advisors who can help. You can book a department advising appointment by submitting a 'Request for Advising' webform

Please ensure you read the information available online, and the instructions, prior to applying and paying for the Challenge Exam.

Apply and pay for challenge exam

Go to the payment portal to apply.