Graduate Students outside CS

UBC Graduate Students outside the Computer Science Department

We encourage graduate students from other departments to consider taking one or more of our graduate courses. You should try to register online.  If you are unable to register because the number of released seats for your program have been filled, you will need to register for the waitlist section.  Please note that even though there may be seats left in the course, they could be reserved for students in other categories.

If you are not sure whether you have the prerequisite knowledge for a graduate course, you should contact the instructor.  Prerequisite expectations for graduate courses may shift from year to year, so do not assume that what is accepted or not in one year will be accepted or not in a subsequent year.

Undergraduate Courses in CS

You may register for upper-level undergraduate courses, but unless you have the prerequisites exactly as stated on the SSC you should expect to receive an email just before or at the start of term warning that you will be dropped unless you meet with a CS advisor and demonstrate that you have equivalent prerequisites from your previous studies.  In order to remain enrolled, you must follow the instructions on that email by the date specified.  Because many undergraduate courses are large and/or have wait lists, you should be prepared when meeting with the advisor to demonstrate in detail that you meet or exceed the learning goals of the prerequisite courses, otherwise you will likely be dropped from the course.

You may register for an undergraduate course wait list; however, you should be aware that the CS department uses a priority system to move students from wait lists into courses and students from outside CS are given a lower priority.  More details can be found on the wait list page.

Auditing an Undergraduate Course in CS

Please notify us if you intend to audit an undergraduate course, as you will only be allowed entry if there isn’t a waiting list.

UBC Okanagan Students

UBC students registered at one campus (Vancouver or Okanagan) may be eligible to take a course for credit at the other campus. Please use the Registration form on the Faculty of Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies website and obtain the approvals from the instructor(s) and your home advisor and university.