Comprehensive Course Requirement

All PhD and PhD Track students are required to submit the Comprehensive Course Requirement form by the end of the first month of the initial registration.  The objective of the comprehensive course requirement is to ensure that the student obtains a breadth of knowledge of computer science, as well as sufficient depth in a specific field. Students should indicate what courses they will be taking or have taken that can satisfy the breadth and depth components of the comprehensive course requirement. Please refer to our webpage for a list of courses by research areas. Once the comprehensive course proposal is approved, the student can take the courses in accordance with the proposal.

PhD Track students refer to the coursework requirements webpage for detailed information about the number of credits that they are required to take in order to be eligible to transfer to the PhD program.

Course taken outside UBC

  • Courses taken outside UBC must be equivalent to either UBC graduate or advanced undergraduate courses.  They must be approved by the faculty contact person for the research area. To obtain approval, students must provide a detailed course description (calendar description, course outline, course objectives, topics covered, textbooks used, description of projects and prerequisites). If the faculty contact approves the request, the student should include the email approval when submitting the comprehensive course requirement form.  
  • The minimum grade obtained must be at least UBC 72%.

GPA requirement

Student must obtain a minimum grade of 72% in any course contributing to the course requirement, and maintain an overall average of at least 80%.

Please refer to the Comprehensive Course Form for detailed information.