Documents to be uploaded by applicant

You are required to upload the following documents with your application by December 15.

DO NOT submit your application until you have uploaded the mandatory documents.  If you do not include the mandatory documents when you submit your application, it will delay your application from being reviewed. 

Applicants will be able to update the above information after submission of the application.  All updates must be completed by December 15.

Statement of Intent

Part 1: Describe your research interests (Please keep Part 1 within 2 pages; mandatory)

Part 1 of your statement of intent is your opportunity to tell us about you and your research interests.  It should be brief, 1 or at most 2 pages (not limited to # of words on each page), which describe:

  1. the research area(s) you wish to pursue in graduate school;      
  2. your future academic and career plans;     
  3. and those aspects of your previous education, training and work experience that prepared you for graduate school and future career.

As each faculty member can only supervise a limited number of graduate students, not all applicants in a given research area will be accepted into the program.

Part 2: Publication (no word or page limit; only if applicable)

Beginning with your most recent, list the following:

  1. Papers published or accepted in refereed journals;
  2. Papers submitted to refereed journals;
  3. Other refereed contributions (e.g. technical reports, conference presentations, posters, etc.);
  4. Patents and copyrights (e.g. software, but not publication copyrights) submitted or awarded.

Please indicate the full authorship as it appears/will appear in the original publication, year, title, publication name and volume, and number of pages. DO NOT send your article or thesis.

Part 3: Summary of Honours, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards (no word or page limit; only if applicable)

Beginning with the most recent, give the name of each award that you received, its value (if applicable), the period held or given, the scope of the award (i.e. whether it is institutional, provincial, national, or international) and a brief (one to two sentence) description. DO NOT send photocopies of your scholarship certificates.

Curriculum Vitae or Resume (optional)

You may provide detailed information about your work history and any additional relevant experiences.  When indicating relevant work experiences, begin with your most recent and describe any relevant work experience you may have.

  • Position held and nature of work
  • Name of Organization and department
  • Period (mmm/yyyy - mmm/yyyy)


  1. Do I need to send hard copies of the statement of intent/interests or resume?
    Please do not send hard copies of the statement of intent/interests, resume or non-academic certificates (e.g. Microsoft certified programs)

  2. Can you upload the documents for me?
    We are unable to upload documents to your application. Applicant should be able to upload their documents by December 15.

  3. Do I need to follow the same format for statement of interests or can I use another format?
    Each year we receive hundreds of applications.  It would be extremely helpful to us if applicants can follow the same format.