Computer Science Specializations

Major in Computer Science (BSc or BA)

Students in the Faculty of Science must be in good standing (that is, not on academic probation) to gain admission to a Computer Science specialization. Note that this is a minimum requirement and does not guarantee admission. It is now required for students to have taken CPSC 103 or CPSC 110 prior to applying (whether they are going through Science's second year process or the Computer Science webform process).

Students in the Faculty of Arts must have met admission requirements before they can be admitted to the BA Major in Computer Science.  However, applications can be submitted before the final grades are released.  For example, for the spring admissions, students must apply by the deadline (before the final grades are released for their Term 2 courses) if they expect to meet the requirements with their Term 2 courses.

In order to apply for the Major in Computer Science, BA or (some) BSc students must fill out the application webform; however, students in the Faculty of Science who are not yet registered in any specialization must apply for admission to the CPSC Major using the centralized admission process administered by the Faculty of Science rather than use this form.  For example, if you are a Science student currently in any PHYS, MATH, BIOL, etc. major or honours program, then this means you already have a specialization; therefore, you can fill out our department's CPSC application webform if you want to transfer to a Computer Science specialization.

The webform is closed. Please check back on our website periodically for updates to application policies and procedures.

Note: the department does not process applications year round.

Please note that course instructors, student advisors, and department administrators and assistants cannot provide additional details, and will not respond to the requests for such information (we simply get too many requests). Instead, you are encouraged to read our web pages, which contain the information that most students are looking for.

Lastly, if you are already in a Computer Science specialization of any kind, then you can transfer to another Computer Science specialization (subject to meeting any constraints in the target specialization) without waiting for the May admission intakes.  Make an appointment with a Computer Science advisor to discuss and facilitate the switch.

Computer Science Honours Program

Apart from the general rules that apply to all Honours programs, the application process is the same as that for the Computer Science Major program.

Double Major in Computer Science

Students not already in a Computer Science specialization:

Please refer to the instructions for the ‘Major in Computer Science (BSc or BA),' as you will be subject to the same competitive admissions process. If you are accepted, you will be required to complete the Double Major forms referenced below. Please do not request a signature for these forms prior to acceptance, as our office will not receive them.

Students already in a Computer Science specialization (as reflected on the SSC):

In order for a student currently in Computer Science to pursue a double major program, they need to obtain the appropriate form (see below) and submit an advising webform (link below) to see a Computer Science advisor.

Double Major - Science

Dual Degree and Double Major - Science and Arts

Advising webform:

Please be aware that some other programs may have additional admissions procedures (e.g. Biology and Microbiology & Immunology programs), and you may be required to go through additional steps after your appointment with the Computer Science advisor.

Software Engineering Option (Major or Honours)

In order to apply to the Software Engineering option, a student must have completed all of the required second year Computer Science courses (CPSC 210, 213, and 221) with overall and core averages of at least 72%. In order to apply, please fill out the application webform.  The deadline for application is the same as for students applying to Major in Computer Science, as posted above. These policies are currently under review; therefore, please check back for the latest deadlines. 

Note that being admitted to the Software Engineering option does not guarantee seats in the courses required by that option.

Cognitive Systems: Computational Intelligence and Design

The application process is the same as that for the Computer Science Major program.  The Computational Intelligence and Design program is considered a Computer Science specialization.

Minor in Computer Science

Please refer to the instructions for the ‘Major in Computer Science (BSc or BA),’ as you will be subject to the same competitive admissions process. This applies to students in all faculties.