Academic Advising

How can we help?

The Computer Science Department offers:

1.  Express advice (for quick questions) by email:

2.  Regular advising via scheduled appointments with a Computer Science department advisor on topics like:

  • CPSC course requirements
  • MATH and STAT course requirements
  • Prerequisites for CPSC courses
  • Help with selecting CPSC courses
  • Computer science program options (e.g. honours, major, combined honours, combined major, COGS, etc.)
  • Admission to computer science undergraduate programs
  • Transfer credits for CPSC courses
  • General academic advice related to computer science programs
  • Meeting CS graduation requirements

Before you book an appointment:

Please browse other areas of our site thoroughly or look for answers to Frequently Asked Questions before booking.

Faculty of Science advising

For questions related to the Faculty of Science, call 604-822-3820 or e-mail When open, they are located in Room A150 of the Chemistry/Physics building (across the street from the UBC Bookstore). Usually, you don't need an appointment; just walk in, and take a number if there's a queue.

They can advise you on the following topics: 

  • First year PHYS, CHEM, and BIOL requirements
  • Choosing electives to satisfy the Science breadth requirement
  • Choosing electives to satisfy the Arts requirement
  • First year ENGL requirements, including questions about LPI
  • Transfer credits for courses other than Computer Science courses
  • Minors and second majors, including those in other faculties 
  • Registration blocked, pending advising
  • Academic resources such as coaching and tutoring
  • Change the maximum number of credits you can take in a session or term
  • Questions or problems regarding graduation, including credit requirements 
  • Resources when personal matters are interfering with your studies

Students registered in a combined program or taking a minor or second major:

Consult with an advisor in the other department about meeting that department's graduation requirements.


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