Academic Advising

How can we help?

If you have a question about the many degree specializations offered through the department, the graduation requirements for your chosen specialization, course selection or registration, there are advisors in the Computer Science Department and at Science Advising who can help. 

We also have a list of advising FAQs for undergraduate students that might provide a quick answer to your question.

We offer:

  1. Express advice (for quick questions) by email:
  2. Regular advising via scheduled appointments with a Computer Science department advisor on topics like:
    • CPSC course requirements
    • MATH and STAT course requirements
    • Prerequisites for CPSC courses
    • Help with selecting CPSC courses
    • Computer science program options (e.g. honours, major, combined honours, combined major, COGS, etc.)
    • Admission to computer science undergraduate programs
    • Transfer credits for CPSC courses
    • General academic advice related to computer science programs
    • Meeting CS graduation requirements

Need help with a course?

We encourage you to speak directly with your instructors or TAs. Otherwise, speak to an advisor.

You may also want to visit the Demco Learning Centre, located in ICCS X150 near Pacific Poké (check our building maps for directions). For any other inquiries please contact:

Before you book an appointment:

Please browse other areas of our site thoroughly or look for answers to Frequently Asked Questions before booking.

Faculty of Science advising

For questions related to the Faculty of Science and faculty requirements for your degree, connect with Science Advising.

They can advise you on the following topics: 

  • Faculty level degree requirements
  • Applying for a Minor
  • Taking a term off
  • Taking summer courses
  • Determining if you’re eligible to graduate (faculty level degree requirements) 
  • If you have a medical issue or personal problem that is affecting your academic life

Registered in a combined program or taking a minor or second major?

Consult with an advisor in the other department about meeting that department's graduation requirements.