Coursework for the PhD Track Program

PhD Track students are required to submit the proposal to satisfy the Comprehensive Course Requirement by the end of the first month. The objective of the comprehensive course requirement is to ensure that the student obtains a breadth of knowledge in computer science. Students should indicate what courses they will be taking or have taken that can satisfy the comprehensive course requirement. Once the comprehensive course proposal is approved, the student can take the courses in accordance with the proposal.

PhD Track students are recommended to take 5-6 courses during the first two terms of their study. When deciding on the number of courses to take during the first two terms, students should be aware of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies policy for transferring from Master to PhD. 

PhD track student should consider completing all 12 credits with the required average prior to transferring to the PhD program.

Faculty members assigned as temporary advisors to grad students will assist the students in the selection of appropriate courses and in choosing the right number of courses each term.

Faculty of Graduate & PostDoctoral Studies:  Transfer from Masters to Doctoral Programs without Completing Masters