Awards & Financial Support for Prospective Students

Department's Financial Assistantships

The department provides financial support to incoming graduate students without any scholarships or fellowships.  For information on our financial support, please refer to our web page.

All applicants will be automatically considered for the following awards.

University-Level Non-Merit Scholarships (including Tuition Fee Awards)

All applicants will be automatically considered for all university non-merit scholarships, including Tuition Fee Awards. For information, please see the university-level non-merit scholarships web page.

Merit Scholarships 

Four-Year Doctoral Fellowships

The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers Four-Year Doctoral Fellowships each year to meritorious PhD students. The award holder will receive the basic 4YF award and an additional topup.  The combination of the fellowship and topup will be $2,000 above to the department’s minimum support for the award's duration.

Awards are open to PhD students regardless of citizenship or visa status. All PhD applicants are automatically considered for this award; there is no need to apply separately. Please refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for more information.

Computer Science Merit Scholarship

The UBC Department of Computer Science is offering CS Merit Awards to outstanding incoming international and domestic students. Students awarded a CS Merit Award are guaranteed award-level funding in their first year at UBC.

CS Merit Award recipients who also receive an external scholarship (such as an NSERC award) will receive CS Merit Award support once their external scholarship ends. Specifically, they will receive the department's NSERC topup for the duration of their NSERC (1 year for a MSc), and the CS Merit Award for the balance of the two-year period.

All students applying to the MSc and PhD programs will be automatically considered; there is no need to apply separately. These competitive awards are aimed at exceptional student applicants.

NSERC top-up award

Canadian students who apply for and receive NSERC awards receive a substantial top-up award from the department. Students should apply directly to NSERC for one of these NSERC scholarships. Note that the NSERC awards are available only to Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada living in Canada. Applications are generally due in late September.