Responsibilities of Student Mentees

Our program has extremely dedicated industry mentors, many who have been involved with the program for multiple years and who are very experienced. Despite being busy professionals, they are committed to help you as a participant and make a positive difference.

In return, they expect you to honor the commitment you make with them. This means you:

  1. Take responsibility for setting up meetings and show up on time
    Remember to get your mentor’s contact information at the kickoff, ask him or her politely about what meeting times and places are most convenient, make your messages to them professional, and arrive a few minutes early at the places you’ve agreed to meet.
  2. Set learning objectives for yourself that require you to actively learn and try new things
  3. Proactively figure out what you want to accomplish at your meetings with your mentor. This includes making lists of questions or discussion topics in advance of your meeting, and sending these out to your mentor in advance
  4. Listen carefully to your mentor’s advice to you, reflect on it, and follow through on suggestions that are made to you. Make sure to report back to your mentor about positive things that happen for you as a result of following their advice, and you thank them for this.
  5. Keep in regular contact
    Even if you are extremely busy with course work or other commitments, you still remember to email or call them to let them know how you are doing.

Our mentors are also very interested in finding out more about what you’re currently learning, and you're seeking in careers and companies. Sharing your opinions about this is one way you can provide valuable help to your mentor.