Evaluation & Timeline


The department begins to evaluate applications in January and continues until the program is full, which usually occurs by late April. We make every effort to provide decisions as they are made, with the first offers going out in January and the first negative decisions provided during mid to late February. If you have not received feedback on your application by early March, it is still being considered for admission. Inquiries will not speed up the rate of processing.


In part because we admit many of our students directly to the department rather than to individual supervisors (Master's program), UBC CS's review process is an unusually thorough one, and involves ranking applicants against one another in different areas of the department's research. The department attaches the greatest weight to the letters of reference, with transcripts and statements of interests also of great importance. Successful candidates show evidence of creativity, intellectual curiosity, initiative, and a desire to engage in hard and rewarding work.