General Computing

The CS Undergraduate facilities consist of 10 computer labs and many compute servers running both windows and linux. Undergraduate students are allowed to connect remotely to the servers. In various Computer Science courses, assignment code is expected to be compiled and run on the department servers, and submitting your assignment files is done through these servers as well.

Operating systems and how to connect

Helpful tips on using the CS Linux enviroment

How to hand in an assignment

Free Software

  • Students enrolled in a Science course or program are entitled to a FREE Imagine Premium Subscription, which grants access to development Microsoft environments and operating systems.
  • All UBC Students with a valid CWL account are eligible to receive Microsoft Office 365
  • We also offer antivirus and terminal emulation software (XManager) for Windows users to more easily connect to the department servers via SSH or for transfering files to our Linux environment.

Lab Hardware