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Computation is an integral part of our world. Posting to a Facebook wall, designing a building, making a movie, listening to an iPod, running a political campaign, talking on the phone and countless other activities are mediated by computation. Learning about computer science will enable you to understand and participate in the creation of these kinds of technologies.

Beyond that, computational thinking will help you understand complex systems - like the human brain, the planet's weather and public health policy - that do not run on computers, but which are now understood in terms of computational models.

Watch: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and others on the importance of learning programming (

Versatile and Rewarding Careers

Computer science offers a huge variety of highly satisfying careers — which are among the highest paid today. With a major or dual-major in computer science you can work not just in information technology and software development, but also in fields like genomics, medicine, robotics, finance, gaming, marketing, advertising, operations management, e-commerce, web technologies, or environmental technology.

Because computation is so integral to our world, the demand for computer science graduates is strong and is likely to remain so for a long time.

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