Emergencies & Safety

Emergency Procedures and First Aid

When calling in an Emergency

Call Emergency Number: 9-1-1 
Specify whether you need Police, Ambulance or Fire

Have the following information available:

  • Building name: ICICS/CS Building
  • Building address: 2366 Main Mall, UBC
  • Location within the building of the incident
  • Your Phone Number

Do NOT hang up as additional information may be needed

Emergency sign

Employees (faculty, staff, and student-staff), 
dial 604-822-4444

Students and visitors, dial 604-822-2222

In the event of a medical emergency, first call 9-1-1 and then call Campus Security for First Aid.

While you are waiting for First Aid to arrive:

  1. Ensure there is no danger to yourself or victim.
  2. Do NOT move victim unless their life is endangered.
  3. Remain with victim until help arrives.
  4. Inform 
    1. Your Supervisor
    2. CS Emergency Director email:

First Aid

UBC Campus Security responds to all First Aid calls for students, faculty, staff, student-staff, and visitors on the UBC Vancouver Point Grey campus. Our patrol officers are Occupational First Aid Level 2 (OFA2) certified and will respond and provide initial care and implement any critical interventions up to the scope of their training until paramedics arrive on scene. All medical emergencies should continue to be directed to 9-1-1.

Accident/Incident Reporting

Report all accidents or near-miss incidents immediately to your supervisor and to the CS Emergency Director within 24 hours. In addition all accidents and incidents must be reported using the on-line Central Accident Incident Reporting System (CAIRS). For more information see UBC Accident/Incident Reporting

Emergency Preparedness

Accident Prevention

The department considers health and safety to be of paramount concern. Emergencies, disasters, accidents and injuries can occur at any time and without warning. Be prepared to handle emergencies.  All new faculty, staff and graduate students working in the ICICS/CS building must complete the Safety Orientation checklist.[DM1]

Employee Responsibilities

  • Working safely is a fundamental part of your job so take your time to orient yourself with the rules. All employees and visitors must complete the Safety Orientation Quiz. If this is not completed access to the facilities may be declined.
  • You must have your supervisor’s permission before attempting any task which could be unsafe.
  • You must be trained before undertaking any task which could be dangerous.
  • You have the right to refuse to do any task which you feel is unsafe. (It’s the law)
  • You are responsible for doing your best to maintain your area as a clean and safe working environment

Supervisors' Responsibilities

  • Orientation, training and supervision (More information from Safety & Risk Services)
    • Monitor and correct behavior
    • Identify and review hazards
    • Develop a training plan / Safe work rules and procedures
    • Emergency Response
    • Report all accidents/incidents: UBC Accident/Incident Reporting.

Personal security

General Campus Security