Deferment & Reapplication


Applicants admitted to UBC for the term starting in September may request to defer admission for at most four months (until January). Deferral beyond January involves reapplication and re-admission.

For Master's students, deferral until January is strongly discouraged and should only be done if absolutely necessary. The first summer of research is very important for Master's students, and students who start in January have a much harder time finding a supervisor and completing adequate coursework to begin research in the summer.


Applicants interested in reapplying must submit a new application form, application fee, graduate application supporting material, statement of interests, unofficial transcripts, and any required documents that were not included in the previous application. Documents are kept for one year. Applicants intending to reuse documentation should ensure that their GRE and TOEFL scores (if applicable) have not expired (further details: Online Application).

For applicants who have taken additional courses or completed a degree since the previous application, documentation must be provided as described in the Application Components and Required Documents page. Both Unofficial and Official Transcripts must be provided as well.