CS Co-op students

Co-op FAQs & Contacts

When is the earliest I can apply for co-op?
  • The earliest you can apply for Co-op is in the second term of your first year.
Is there Co-op for Master students?

No, we currently do not offer Co-op for Master students.

How much does Co-op cost?

There is a one-time administration and workshop fee payable upon acceptance into the program, as well as Co-op course fees for each 4-month Co-op placement. For the latest fee info, please visit the Fees section in the UBC Calendar.

Can I take classes during my Co-op placement?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take courses during your Co-op work placement.

What are my chances of getting into Co-op?

Every student has individual strengths and weaknesses. Every application is evaluated through our comprehensive review process.

Can international students apply to Co-op?



Co-op Contacts

Room 145, ICICS/CS Building

Tel: 604-822-8844

Email: cscoop@sciencecoop.ubc.ca