How to Connect

Register as an alumni Now!

We're offering some new services that make it easy for CS graduates to stay connected with each other and one of the top Computer Science departments in Canada.

  • Free E-mail Forwarding for Life: Register for a free permanent UBC email address that announces your educational association with UBC every time you send e-mail.
  • Mentoring: Share your experience with a current UBC Computer Science Student. Participate in a program that connects students with you, our alumni.
  • Speakers Series: Stay current on the most recent research. A great networking opportunity as well when you attend either the Computer Science Speaker Series, the Alumni/Industry Lecture Series, or the Faculty Lecture Series.
  • Free access to the ICICS/CS Reading Room: All CS alumni are welcome to use the ICICS/CS Reading Room.  See here for more information and registration. 

If you don't remember your student number (in order to register) please e-mail with your name and year of graduation. Thank you.

For those who registered with the now discontinued CS alumni service, you can still update your email forwarding address by clicking on the Alumni Connections logo in the lower right of this page.

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