Appeals Involving Concurrent Courses or a Standing Deferred (SD) Status

  • You cannot take a course and its prerequisite in the same term unless there is a compelling reason.  An example of a compelling reason is if you are a transfer student who has taken a course that covers most of the material in CPSC 210, but not enough to qualify for an exemption from it.  In this case, you might be able to take CPSC 210 and CPSC 213 in the same term.  Examples of non-compelling reasons are: “If I don’t take them concurrently, I won’t be ready for co-op in the summer” and “I won’t be able to graduate on time.”
  • You should list extraordinary circumstances, if they are relevant to your appeal.  For example, if you are a good student with a Standing Deferred status because you didn’t write the final exam yet due to illness, then you might be able to take a subsequent course, even though the prerequisite hasn’t been completed yet.