PhD Supervisory Committee

Every incoming graduate student is assigned a faculty member as his/her advisor. These assignments are made keeping in mind the research interests of the student and the workload of the faculty member. In the case of entering PhD students, the advisor is a member of the “offer sponsorship team,” which consists of one to three faculty. It is the student’s responsibility to formalize a supervisory relationship with a faculty member in his or her area of interest within one term. The advisor and any other sponsors are natural choices for this role, but other faculty may also be considered (if they are interested).

Supervisor and Chair of the PhD Committee

The student is responsible for finding a supervisor. The supervisor is usually the Chair of the supervisory committee. Once a faculty member has agreed to be the supervisor, the student and the supervisor must sign the Supervisory agreement form by December 1st in case of September entrants and by April 1st in case of January entrants. 

Supervisory Committee Members

The purpose of this committee is to provide constructive criticism and assessment of the student’s ideas as the program develops. The student is responsible for identifying the members to serve on the committee. 

The supervisory committee also decides on the membership of the comprehensive examination committee. Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies recommends that the committee meet at least once and preferably twice a year to monitor the student’s progress.  Please refer to Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website for more information (see below)

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