Admission Policies

Note:  *These policies do not apply to the Science Second Year application process (

How to apply for admission to a Computer Science Specialization

If you are a high school student, please see high school application.

Transfer student? Please see transfer students application.

If you've already been admitted to a CPSC specialization in the Faculty of Science and wish to change to another CPSC specialization (e.g. from a CPSC Combined Major specialization to the CPSC Major), you can request the change at any time by submitting an online advising request.

If you wish to switch to the Major in Cognitive Systems (Computational Intelligence & Design) or to the Major in Mathematical Sciences you must apply through the Department's Admissions Process which occurs in April each year. In the case of combined specializations involving CPSC and another department, please note that some departments have limited numbers of seats and even if Computer Science decides to admit you, the other department may not.  Furthermore, some departments only process applications once per year (usually the May intake, after the Winter Session Term 2 grades are released).

If you wish to transfer into the Faculty of Science, and then into Computer Science, you should meet with both a Faculty of Science advisor and a Computer Science advisor (separate appointments). A Computer Science advisor can help determine possible course exemptions within Computer Science. Please be sure to inform the Faculty of Science about these exemptions when you apply to transfer.

If you are interested in pursuing a second degree in Computer Science please see our Second Degree BCS program and Second Degree BSc program options. 

If you have not been formally admitted to a CPSC specialization by the department, you will not be permitted to graduate with a CPSC specialization. You are therefore strongly cautioned to work towards graduation from another discipline. Further CPSC courses can be taken only as electives.

Please read the following instructions carefully. We have different application procedures in place based on your current status at UBC. If you miss a deadline or use the wrong procedure to submit your application, you will likely have to wait a year for another opportunity to apply!

Please note:  The department will not accept applications from students who:
- have 4th year standing
- have 3rd year standing & have completed more than 90 credits in their degree program

Criteria will be based on your status at the end of the term prior to that in which your application is submitted. These conditions may be waived in exceptional circumstances, for example, when a student has switched faculties part way through their program of study. If that is you, you must meet with a department advisor to discuss your situation at least 4 weeks prior to the deadline for applications.

Note that the policies do not apply to the CPSC Minor.


Faculty of Science Coordinated Admissions Process

Do you fall into one of the following categories?

  • First-year standing in the Faculty of Science and eligible for promotion to 2nd year in May
  • Admitted into the Faculty of Science as a transfer student (including students transferring from other UBC Faculties and other post-secondary institutions) and expect to have 2nd year standing or higher in the Faculty of Science 
  • Accepted into a BSc second degree program

Then you must apply for admission to a CPSC Specialization using the Faculty of Science Coordinated Admissions Process.  You do not need to submit an application through the Computer Science Department's Admissions Process, unless you are a BA student applying to transfer to the BSc and you wish to be considered for both the BA Major in CPSC as well as a CPSC specialization in the BSc program. In this case, you would need to use BOTH the Faculty of Science Admission Process AND the Computer Science Admission Process. If your application for admission to the BSc program is successful, your application to Computer Science will be handled through the Science Coordinated Admissions Process, otherwise it will be handled through the Department's process.

Note that the Department of Computer Science may not have enough seats to accommodate everyone, and you may need to select a non-CPSC specialization.  If your application is unsuccessful, you can try again the following year.  In the meantime, you can still try to take CPSC courses; but, be sure to make academic progress in whatever major you're officially in. Consult the UBC Calendar for details about promotion requirements for your major and faculty.

Department of Computer Science Admissions Process

Do you fall into one of the following categories?

  • Have second year standing, or higher, in the Faculty of Science and are not already enrolled in a CPSC specialization (i.e., you currently have another Science specialization)
  • Are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts
  • Are already enrolled in the Major or Hons specializations in CPSC and wish to add the Software Engineering (SENG) option, or transfer to the Major in Cognitive Systems (Computational Intelligence & Design) or to the Major in Mathematical Sciences
  • Would like to add a Minor in CPSC

Then you must apply for admission to a CPSC specialization using the Department of Computer Science Admissions Process. Applications are typically due in late April. The specific date will be announced in early 2022.

Requests to change specialization

Due to the high volume of advising requests leading up to the registration period and the start of the fall term, once you have submitted your application, either through the department's application process or the Science Second Year Application process, no requests to change your specialization will be considered until after the add/drop deadline in September.