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Graduate Courses


Not all of the following graduate courses are offered every year. Students should check the current Grad courses schedule in the menu to the left, to find out the current offerings.

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Computational Intelligence

502: Artificial Intelligence I 
503: Computational Linguistics I
515: Computational Robotics 
522: Artificial Intelligence II
532: Topics in Artificial Intelligence (subject to the topic)

Data Management & Analysis

504: Data Management
534: Topics in Data Management 
540: Machine Learning
550: Machine Learning II
564: Data Mining

Graphics & Vision

505: Image Understanding I: Image Analysis
514: Computer Graphics: Rendering 
524: Computer Graphics: Modeling
525: Image Understanding II: Scene Analysis 
526: Computer Animation 
533: Topics in Computer Graphics 
535: Topics in Simulation and Optimization (subject to topics)


543: Physical User Interface Design and Evaluation
544: Human-Computer Interaction
554: Topics in Human-Computer Interaction

Scientific Computation

517: Sparse Matrix Computation 
520: Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
542: Topics in Numerical Computation
546: Numerical Optimization

Software Engineering & Programming Languages

507: Software Engineering 
509: Programming Language Principles 
511: Implementation of Programming Languages 
519: Logic Programming and Functional Programming
529: Definition of Programming Languages
539: Topics in Programming Languages


508: Operating Systems
521: Parallel Algorithms & Architecture 
527: Computer Communication Protocols
538: Topics in Computer Systems (subject to topics)

Theory of Computation

500: Fundamentals of Algorithm Design and Analysis 
501: Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computability 
506: Complexity of Computation 
516: Computational Geometry
531: Topics in Theory of Computation 
536: Topics in Algorithms and Complexity
537: Topics in Coding and Information Theory

Interdisciplinary Studies

513: Introduction to Formal Verification and Analysis
530: Topics in Information Processing (subject to topic)
532: Topics in AI: Multi-Agent Systems
545: Algorithms for Bioinformatics
547: Information Visualization
590: Research Methods in Computer Science