6 Credit MSc Thesis

The 6 credit MSc thesis is equivalent to two graduate courses.  The thesis research and/or implementation are less comprehensive in scope.

Program Requirements under This Option

  1. 24 credits of approved courses of which a maximum of six credits may be 300 or 400 level undergraduate courses.  All courses must be approved by the student’s advisor or supervisor, and in the case of undergraduate courses, by the Graduate Advisor as well.
  2. The 6 credit MSc thesis (CPSC 549A) must satisfy one or more of the criteria cited above for the 12 credit MSc thesis, but is of correspondingly lesser scope.
  3. The thesis must be approved by a committee of at least two (the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies highly recommends three) faculty including the supervisor(s).  An external reader  (i.e., someone outside of the supervisory committee who was not involved with the student’s thesis) is not required.
  4. Thesis/Essay Presentation: The student is required to present the thesis at a departmental seminar. This is not necessary if material related to the thesis has  been presented at conference or other public research meeting (workshop, symposium etc.). If the thesis is presented at a department seminar, the student must send the information (date, time, location, supervisor's name, title of the thesis, and abstract) to grad-info@cs.ubc.ca at least 7 days in advance, so that  an announcement can be sent to the department. 

Supervisory Form