Matching Process

All tri-mentoring participants are assigned to a mentoring trio, consisting of industry mentor, senior student (usually 3rd or 4th year) and junior student (usually 2nd year).

We consider multiple factors when matching up trios, including:

  • CS interest areas
  • student program and year of study, and total number of CS courses completed to date
  • previous tri-mentoring experience
  • relative ages of mentor, senior and junior student
  • career interest areas
  • common hobbies and interests

We also review the industry mentor and student group as a whole, to ensure that every participant is matched with others who share at least something in common with them. Sometimes this means that 2nd or 3rd year students are moved from junior to senior status (or vice versa) depending on the overall group’s composition.

Sometimes students are initially surprised at who we’ve matched them with. We ask students to keep an open mind, and to remember that each mentor has something to teach and insights to offer.

Over the 15+ years of running Computer Science tri-mentoring, we’ve found that great things happen in the program when students actively engage with others who share similarities, but aren't simply a clone of themselves 10 years down the road. Be prepared to enjoy yourself, to learn a lot and to have unexpected opportunities and insights come from being involved in the program!

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