Courses - Winter Term 1

New CS Graduate Students are expected to attend the CS graduate orientation on the first day.

Term 1 of Winter starts on Tuesday September 7, 2021 and ends on December 7, 2021. Students should check the web page before classes start to ensure that there are no last minute changes.

Classes for grad courses in this department are cancelled on the first day of the term.

UBC policy for Courses with Variable Credits
Some courses are listed with a choice of credit value such as topics courses. The form (3-12) implies that the course may be taken for any number of credits from 3 to 12 inclusive. .

In all cases, the maximum credit value is that which may be obtained by a student during the complete program of study (i.e. students cannot obtain more than 12 credits for topic courses with the same course number). For detailed information, please visit the UBC Calendar.

Topics Courses are generally not considered breadth courses unless it is specified as "Breadth course".

Term 1 (September - December)

503101Computational Linguistics I
Breadth Course for Computational Intelligence
TR9:30-11:00 Giuseppe Carenini
TBA101 TBATR14:00-15:30 Jeff Clune
524101Computer Graphics: ModelingTR9:30-11:00 Alla Sheffer
532W101Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Probabilistic Programming
Depth Course (not a breadth course)

Previously cross-listed with CS539W - Topics in Artificial Intelligence PROB PROG"

TR 11:00-12:30 Frank Wood
533Y101Topics in Computer Graphics:

Visual Geometry with Deep Learning
Depth Course

MW1:30 - 3:00 Kwang Moo Yi
538B101Topics in Computer Systems: Distributed Systems
Breadth Course for Computer Systems & Design
TR15:30-17:00 Ivan Beschastnikh
538M101Topics in Computer Systems: Security and Privacy in the Era of Side Channels
Depth Course (not a breadth course)
MW9:00-10:30 Aastha Mehta
544101Human-Computer Interaction
Breadth Course for HCI
TR11:00-12:30 Heather O’Brien


548101Directed Studies

Directed Study (CPSC 548) is a course that allows students to study a topic that is typically not part of the regular curriculum under the direction of a faculty member.  The student and faculty member should submit the Directed Studies Course Application and a proposal for the course outlining the course content to the Graduate Program Administrator ( prior to the start of the course.Once the course is approved, the graduate program administrator will register for you.

Course content appropriate for the student's thesis work (CPSC 549A, CPSC 549B) or essay (CPSC 589) is not appropriate for Directed Study.

549A001MSc Thesis6
549B002MSc Thesis12
589001MSc Major Essay Breadth Master3
649001PhD Thesis0








8:30-9:00 8:00-9:30 8:00-9:30 
9:00-9:309:00-10:30 538M8:00-9:309:00-10:30 538M8:00-9:309:00-10:30
9:30-10:009:00-10:30 538M9:30-11:00 503/5249:00-10:30 538M 9:30-11:00 503/524 9:00-10:30
10:00-10:309:00-10:30 538M9:30-11:00 503/5249:00-10:30 538M9:30-11:00 503/5249:00-10:30
10:30-11:0010:30-12:00 9:30-11:00 503/524 10:30-12:009:30-11:00 503/52410:30-12:00
11:00-11:3010:30-12:00 11:00-12:30 544/532W10:30-12:0011:00-12:30 544/532W10:30-12:00
11:30-12:0010:30-12:0011:00-12:30 544/532W10:30-12:00 11:00-12:30 544/532W10:30-12:00
12:00-12:3012:00-1:30 11:00-12:30 544/532W12:00-1:3011:00-12:30 544/532W12:00-1:30
12:30-1:0012:00-1:3012:30-2:00 GRAD SEMINAR12:00-1:3012:30-2:00 DEPT MEETING12:00-1:30
1:00-1:3012:00-1:3012:30-2:00 GRAD SEMINAR12:00-1:3012:30-2:00 DEPT MEETING12:00-1:30
1:30-2:001:30-3:00 533Y12:30-2:00 GRAD SEMINAR1:30-3:00 533Y12:30-2:00 DEPT MEETING1:30-3:00
2:00-2:301:30-3:00 533Y2:00-3:30 Jeff Clune (TBA)1:30-3:00 533Y2:00-3:30 Jeff Clune (TBA)1:30-3:00
2:30-3:001:30-3:00 533Y2:00-3:30 Jeff Clune (TBA)1:30-3:00 533Y2:00-3:30 Jeff Clune (TBA)1:30-3:00
3:00-3:303:00-4:30 2:00-3:30 Jeff Clune (TBA)3:00-4:30 2:00-3:30 Jeff Clune (TBA)3:00-4:30
3:30-4:003:00-4:30 3:30-5:00 538B 3:00-4:30 3:30-5:00 538B3:00-4:30
4:00-4:303:00-4:303:30-5:00 538B3:00-4:303:30-5:00 538B 3:00-4:30
4:30-5:004:30-6:003:30-5:00 538B4:30-6:003:30-5:00 538B4:30-6:00