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Tech Talks


DLS Talk by Nikhil Swamy (Microsoft Research)

Speaker:  Dr. Nikhil Swamy, Microsoft Research, Redmond

Title:  Proof-oriented Programming for Critical Compute Infrastructure


From the early days of computer science, the potential of mathematical proofs of programs to eradicate large


DLS Talk by Elisabeth André (Augsburg)


DLS Talk by Kai Li (Princeton)

Speaker: Dr. Kai Li, Department of Computer Science, Princeton University

Title/Abstract:  TBA


Kai Li, the Paul M. Wythes and Marcia R. Wythes Professor in Computer Science, earned a doctorate from Yale in 1986 and joined Princeton the same


DLS Talk by Yejin Choi (UW)

Speaker: Dr. Yejin Choi, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

Title: Possible Impossibilities and Impossible Possibilities

Abstract: In this talk, I will question if there can be possible impossibilities