BCS Alumni Profiles

Like so many UBC Computer Science BCS graduates, Tristan Moss has a C.V. worth the envy of many far older than he: an undergraduate degree from the University of Victoria, a Bachelor of Computer Science from UBC, software development positions with Kodak, Microsoft, and iQmetrix, and an extensive portfolio of volunteer community service throughout the world.
To read Pat Short’s resume as an IT business analyst for the past 20 years is to walk through a short list of prominent Canadian and U.S. businesses and public service organizations: Business Objects, Ltd., Northwestel, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bell Canada, BMW Financial Services Canada, Providence
When Frank Hangler was mulling over his post-graduate options, he came across a flyer for the UBC Department of Computer Science’s BCS program, and he noticed that the program could help him gain the computing skills necessary to engage with online technology. He also saw he could get those skills without having to undertake another undergraduate degree.
Felicity Foxx Herst, a dynamic young game designer with Silicon Sisters Interactive in Vancouver, is the daughter of a genomics researcher and a professional opera singer, Felicity grew up in a household devoted both to arts and sciences, so it’s perhaps no wonder that she gravitated toward a field that allows her to engage with her interests in both.
Dorothy Cheung’s resume shows an impressive list of educational and professional accomplishments. She’s worked in a diversity of UBC-based and private sector labs in Vancouver, including labs in UBC’s departments of botany, biotechnology, and pediatrics, the Centre for Plant Research at the UBC
For Katayoon Kasaian, perhaps the most exciting thing about the BCS program was the co-op program. She was placed at the Genome Sciences Centre (GSC) at the BC Cancer Agency, working as an annotator for the open source database the agency maintains. “And for me,” she says, “this was magical. It really clicked with me.”
Homa Javahery
“When I was in secondary school, I would have never thought of going into computer science,” says Homa Javahery. “I messed around on computers, but I was always interested in health sciences and there are a couple of doctors in my family, so I thought I’d go into medicine.” Attending McGill