Employers: How to Post a Job on this Site

To post a job on our Computer Science department web page, email a short job description with application instructions (ideally this would be in PDF or Word) to jobpostings@cs.ubc.ca

(NOTE: If your position is posted to your company's career page and the information below is included there, you could also simply email us the link to that posting.)

Please include information about:

  • Your desired target audience - undergraduate students? Masters and PhD students? Brand new graduates? Recent (within the past 2 years) graduates?
  • Required documents, etc. you want them to submit to you  e.g. resume, cover letter,  copy of transcripts, links to samples of their work
  • Time commitment required/type of position - e.g. internship? part-time? full-time permanent?
  • Skills (technical and otherwise) required
  • Application method - e.g. emailing you directly? by applying  to your company's Careers web page?
  • Application deadline – the default setting on our website is one month from original posting date, but you’re welcome to specify a different time frame.

For employer information about hiring co-op students, please see here

If you'd like to publicize your opening to all UBC students and new grads you can post on UBC CareersOnline. All UBC current students and UBC alumni have access to this system. See https://students.ubc.ca/employers/post-a-job for more information.

Latest (Non-Co-op) Jobs

Alumni? Visit our Alumni Job Postings page.

Posted Sort ascending Job Title Employer Location Deadline
2021-06-11 Student Positions for May 2022 Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) Ottawa
2021-06-10 Text Analysis Tool Creator Dr. Letitia Henville remote
2021-06-07 Junior Software Engineer, Minecraft SkyBox Labs Burnaby BC
2021-06-07 Full Stack Software Developer (Volunteer) Campus Nutrition remote
2021-06-03 Volunteer UX Designer UBC Visual Cognition Lab remote
2021-06-03 Volunteer Software Developer UBC Visual Cognition Lab remote
2021-06-03 Technical Consultant (Internship positions) Groundswell Cloud Solutions Vancouver
2021-05-07 Product Support Analyst - 2021 New Graduate D2L Corporation Kitchener ON
2021-05-07 Associate Product Manager D2L Corporation Kitchener ON
2021-05-07 Software Test Developer - 2021 New Graduate D2L Corporation Kitchener ON, Winnipeg MN
2021-05-07 Software Developer - 2021 New Graduate D2L Corporation Kitchener ON, Toronto ON, Vancouver BC, Winnipeg MN
2021-05-07 Data Analyst Intern HealthQB Technologies Vancouver
2021-04-30 Software Developer Roles (Entry Level) Konrad Toronto, Vancouver
2021-04-30 Software Developer Intern Konrad Toronto, Vancouver