Brandon Zhang & Da Wei Zheng


Our research groups and their labs span across all aspects of learning within Computer Science. Specific groups and their members are listed below.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence at UBC focuses on decision-making and action, particularly on the design and application of AI systems that cooperate with human decision-makers. This AI research group and the breadth of its work is establishing UBC as leaders in sub-areas like privacy.

Algorithms Lab

This area conducts research in areas like molecular computation, empirical algorithm design, algorithmic game theory, optimization and theoretical computer science.

CAIDA: Centre for Artificial Intelligence Decision-making & Action

CAIDA is UBC's ground zero for artificial intelligence. CAIDA is focused on the development, analysis, and application of AI systems for decision-making and action, enabled by core AI technologies such as machine learning and automated reasoning. It is part of the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).

DFP: Designing for People Cluster

 The DFP cluster addresses complex human-facing design problems by accelerating creativity at the nexus of social and technical problem-solving. 

InfoVis: Information Visualization Group

InfoVis focuses on developing visual representations and interaction techniques to take advantage of the human eye’s broad entry into the mind to allow users to see, explore, and understand large amounts of information at once.

Group Members

ISD: Integrated System Design

The ISD group is interested in principles, techniques, methodologies, and tools for the specification, design, implementation, and verification of protocols, circuits, and integrated hardware/software systems. 

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Group Members
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