ICICS/CS Reading Room : Subject Resources

Bibliographies & Reading Lists

These subject lists contain sample books and resources available at the Reading Room. Search our catalogue to find many more.

Careers and Job Hunting

Resources for job hunting and improving communication and career skills.

Data Analytics

Resources available for data analytics, data science, machine learning, and data tools.

Game Design & Development

Resources for computer and video game design, development and programming.

Game Theory

Readings in game theory, auction theory, multiagent systems and more.

General Interest Reading & Young Readers

Introductory and popular works in diverse subject areas and fictional works for young readers and non-specialists.

Introduction to Software Systems

Readings for introductory software systems.

Programming Interviews

A list of recommended readings to prepare for a programming interview, including books on algorithms, puzzles, program management, software development and testing.

Technology & Society

A reading list of topics concerning technology and society, including law, security, ethics and more.

Subject Resource Guides

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