Steps to make a CPSC Appeal for Undergraduates

Before submitting an appeal, read these steps and rules carefully. This will help to determine your eligibility under department guidelines and policies.

Step 1. 
Obtain permission to appeal from a Computer Science advisor, through the Advising webform

If you received a "missing prerequisite" letter and you are trying to appeal the letter, then you can begin by submitting a Request for Registration Assistance webform (taking care to include all relevant information for the advisor who will be assigned to your case). The advisor will prompt you to submit a formal appeal via an Appeals webform, but only if the advisor determines that a formal appeal is necessary and allowed.

For all appeals other than those involving prerequisites or corequisites, please:
   - specify that you would like permission to appeal
   - state what you are appealing for
   - present your justification
   - attach any necessary documentation 

If you prefer, you can request an in-person appointment to discuss anything of a sensitive nature. Note that we may not have in-person appointments during busier times of the year, such as at the start of a term.

Step 2.
Complete the appeals webform after receiving the consent of a computer science advisor

Note that the appeal decision will be made by a committee, and not by an individual.  Your instructor does not have the ability to override department rules.

If the appeal involves a missing prerequisite, your appeal must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the prerequisite letter that was e-mailed to you. If you already know you don't have the listed prerequisite, don't wait for the email to arrive. Submit your appeal right away, before the beginning of term to give the appeals committee enough time to rule on your case before the add/drop deadline.

Step 3.
Create a backup plan for yourself as  many appeals are not granted

a) Let's say you need 3 elective credits to graduate and your appeal to get into a 3-credit course is unsuccessful. Then you must register for a replacement course before the add/drop deadline. 

b) If you have a student loan or scholarship, and you need to take a certain number of credits to continue to qualify, then you'll need to choose another 3-credit course before the add/drop deadline. 

Be very careful not to misrepresent yourself in your appeal. The department and the university take misrepresentation seriously. Appeals cannot be based on your passion for Computer Science (e.g., extracurricular CS activities). While admirable, many students share the same passion.

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