Technical Reports


Towards an experimental model for exploring the role of touch
Joseph P. Hall, Jeswin Jeyasurya, Aurora Phillips, Chirag Vesuvala, Steve Yohanan and K.E. MacLean
Numerically Robust Continuous Collision Detection for Dynamic Explicit Surfaces
Tyson Brochu and Robert Bridson
Efficient Snap Rounding in Square and Hexagonal Grids using Integer Arithmetic
Boaz Ben-Moshe, Binay K. Bhattacharya and Jeff Sember
An Analysis of Spatial- and Fourier-Multiplexed Imaging
Gordon Wetzstein, Ivo Ihrke and Wolfgang Heidrich
Joint-sparse recovery from multiple measurements
Ewout van den Berg and Michael P. Friedlander
Learning a contingently acyclic, probabilistic relational model of a social network
Peter Carbonetto, Jacek Kisynski, Michael Chiang and David Poole
Revenue Monotonicity in Deterministic, Dominant-Strategy Combinatorial Auctions
Baharak Rastegari, Anne Condon and Kevin Leyton-Brown
Promoting Collaborative Learning in Lecture Halls using Multiple Projected Screens with Persistent and Dynamic Content
Joel Lanir, Kellogg S. Booth and Steven Wolfman
On the Power of Local Broadcast Algorithms
Hosna Jabbari, Majid Khabbazian, Ian Blake and Vijay Bhargava
Body-Centric Interactions With Very Large Wall Displays
Garth Shoemaker, Takayuki Tsukitani, Yoshifumi Kitamura and Kellogg S. Booth
Degree-of-Knowledge: Investigating an Indicator for Source Code Authority
Thomas Fritz, Jingwen Ou and Gail C. Murphy
An Automatically Configured Modular Algorithm for Post Enrollment Course Timetabling
Chris Fawcett, Holger H. Hoos and Marco Chiarandini
On Improving Key Pre-distribution Schemes for Sensor Networks
Majid Khabbazian, Ian Blake, Vijay Bhargava and Hosna Jabbari
Optimization Methods for L1-Regularization
Mark Schmidt, Glenn Fung and Romer Rosales
On Efficient Replacement Policies for Cache Objects with Non-uniform Sizes and Costs
Ying Su and Laks Lakshmanan
Tradeoffs in the Empirical Evaluation of Competing Algorithm Designs
Frank Hutter, Holger H. Hoos and Kevin Leyton-Brown
A Box Shaped Cyclically Reduced Operator
Chen Greif and L. Robert Hocking
A Tutorial on Bayesian Optimization of Expensive Cost Functions, with Application to Active User Modeling and Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Eric Brochu, Mike Cora and Nando de Freitas
Reflections on QuestVis: A Visualization System for an Environmental Sustainability Model
Tamara Munzner, Aaron Barsky and Matt Williams
Visualizing Interactions on Distributed Tabletops
Anthony Tang, Michel Pahud and Bill Buxton