alumni profile

Elaine Chang
Elaine Chang has a passion for learning, growing from different experiences to another, and she’s equally excited about sharing what she knows with others. These traits make her uniquely suited to her work as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, where she combines her love of technology with business applications to help create cutting-edge software products.
Anoop Shankar
In talking with Anoop Shankar, a TELUS Business Analyst and Consultant and UBC CS undergrad alum, one feels one is in the presence of a person who embodies the growth mindset. Just six years out of the UBC program, Anoop, a gregariously friendly and eloquent person, has made a mark at TELUS in numerous positions requiring an array of skills.
Like so many UBC Computer Science BCS graduates, Tristan Moss has a C.V. worth the envy of many far older than he: an undergraduate degree from the University of Victoria, a Bachelor of Computer Science from UBC, software development positions with Kodak, Microsoft, and iQmetrix, and an extensive portfolio of volunteer community service throughout the world.
A hugely popular form of entertainment, video gaming is currently a nearly $50 billion worldwide industry that experts predict will overtake the music industry in sales by the end of 2011. This is true in no small part because gaming, contrary to popular belief, is something we all seem to do. No
When Frank Hangler was mulling over his post-graduate options, he came across a flyer for the UBC Department of Computer Science’s BCS program, and he noticed that the program could help him gain the computing skills necessary to engage with online technology. He also saw he could get those skills without having to undertake another undergraduate degree.
Looking back on his time as both a Master’s and Ph.D. student at UBC, Paul Kry is struck by the wealth of learning opportunities the department afforded him. Remembering tough courses in computational geometry, computational robotics, and advanced graphics, Paul notes that the UBC grad classes “were very well organized and easy to follow.”
Felicity Foxx Herst, a dynamic young game designer with Silicon Sisters Interactive in Vancouver, is the daughter of a genomics researcher and a professional opera singer, Felicity grew up in a household devoted both to arts and sciences, so it’s perhaps no wonder that she gravitated toward a field that allows her to engage with her interests in both.
Dorothy Cheung’s resume shows an impressive list of educational and professional accomplishments. She’s worked in a diversity of UBC-based and private sector labs in Vancouver, including labs in UBC’s departments of botany, biotechnology, and pediatrics, the Centre for Plant Research at the UBC