Technical Reports


Fast Implementation of Lemke's Algorithm for Rigid Body Contact Simulation
John E. Lloyd
Probability and Equality: A Probabilistic Model of Identity Uncertainty
R. Sharma and David Poole
Empirical Testing of Fast Kernel Density Estimation Algorithms
Dustin Lang, Mike Klaas and Nando de Freitas
Toward indicative discussion fora summarization
Mike Klaas
Fostering Student Learning and Motivation: an Interactive Educational Tool for AI
Saleema Amershi, Nicole Arksey, Giuseppe Carenini, Cristina Conati, Alan Mackworth, Heather Maclaren and David Poole
Empirically Efficient Verification for a Class of Infinite-State Systems
Jesse Bingham and Alan J. Hu
Nonparametric BLOG
Peter Carbonetto, Jacek Kisynski, Nando de Freitas and David Poole
The Twiddler: A Haptic Teaching Tool: Low-Cost Communication and Mechanical Design
Michael Shaver and Karon E. MacLean
Generalized Constraint-Based Inference
Le Chang and Alan K. Mackworth
A Framework for Multiparty Communication Types
Chamath Keppitiyagama and Norman C. Hutchinson
Role-Based Policies to Control Shared Application Views
L. Berry, L. Bartram and K.S. Booth
Perceiving Ordinal Data Haptically Under Workload
Anthony Tang, Peter McLachlan, Karen Lowe, Chalapati Rao Saka and Karon MacLean
A Generalization of Generalized Arc Consistency: From Constraint Satisfaction to Constraint-Based Inference
Le Chang and Alan K. Mackworth
A Trust-based Model for Collaborative Intrusion Response
Kapil Singh and Norman C. Hutchinson
Improving Backbone Routing for Transient Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Kan Cai, Michael J. Feeley and Norman C. Hutchinson
Hot Coupling: A Particle Approach to Inference and Normalization on Pairwise Undirected Graphs of Arbitrary Topology
Firas Hamze and Nando de Freitas
A Logic and Decision Procedure for Predicate Abstraction of Heap-Manipulating Programs
Jesse Bingham and Zvonimir Rakamaric
Coping With an Open Bug Repository
Anvik John, Hiew Lyndon and Murphy Gail C.
Theory, Software, and Psychophysical Studies for the Tactile Handheld Miniature Bimodal Device
Shannon H. Little
Go with the Flow: How Users Monitor Incoming Email
Anthony Tang, Nelson Siu, Lee Iverson and Sidney Fels
Remaining Oriented During Software Development Tasks: An Exploratory Field Study
Brian S. de Alwis and Gail C. Murphy
A Formal Mathematical Framework for Modeling Probabilistic Hybrid Systems
Robert St-Aubin and Alan K. Mackworth
Visual Mining of Power Sets with Large Alphabets
Tamara Munzner, Qiang Kong, Raymond T. Ng, Jordan Lee, Janek Klawe, Dragana Radulovic and Carson K. Leung
Material Aware Mesh Deformations
Tiberiu Popa, Dan Julius and Alla Sheffer
The Role of Prototyping Tools for Haptic Behavior Design
Colin Swindells, Evgeny Maksakov, Karon E. MacLean and Victor Chung
Co-locating Haptic and Graphic Feedback in Manual Controls
Colin Swindells, Mario J. Enriquez, Karon E. MacLean and Kellogg S. Booth
Building a Haptic Language: Communication Through Touch
K. Maclean, J. Pasquero and J. Smith
TopoLayout: Graph Layout by Topological Features
D. Archambault, T. Munzner and D. Auber
Exact regularization of linear programs
Michael P. Friedlander