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UBC CS TR-95-13 Summary

A Simple Proof Checker for Real-Time Systems, June 1995 Catherine Leung, 193 pages

This thesis presents a practical approach to verifying real-time properties of VLSI designs. A simple proof checker with built-in decision procedures for linear programming and predicate calculus offers a pragmatic approach to verifying real-time systems in return for a slight loss of formal rigor when compared with traditional theorem provers. In this approach, an abstract data type represents the hypotheses, claim, and pending proof obligations at each step. A complete proof is a program that generates a proof state with the derived claim and no pending obligations. The user provides replacements for obligations and relies on the proof checker to validate the soundness of each operation. This design decision distinguishes the proof checker from traditional theorem provers, and enhances the view of ``proofs as programs''. This approach makes proofs robust to incremental changes, and there are few ``surprises'' when applying rewrite rules or decision procedures to proof obligations. A hand-written proof constructed to verify the timing correctness of a high bandwidth communication protocol was verified using this checker.

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