Technical Reports


Buffer Sharing Schemes for Continuous-Media Systems
Dwight J. Makaroff and Raymond T. Ng
Geometric and Computational Aspects of Manufacturing Processes
Prosenjit K. Bose
No Quadrangulation is Extremely Odd
Prosenjit Bose and Godfried Toussaint
Performance Measures for Constrained Systems
Kees van den Doel and Dinesh K. Pai
Rigidity Checking of 3D Point Correspondences Under Perspective Projection
Daniel P. McReynolds and David G. Lowe
The UBC Distributed Continuous Media File System: Internal Design of Server
Dwight J. Makaroff, Norman C. Hutchinson, and Gerald W. Neufeld
Real Time Threads Interface
David Finkelstein, Norman C. Hutchinson and Dwight J. Makaroff
Reflectance and Shape from a Rotating Object
Jiping Lu and Jim Little
Numerical Simulations of Semiconductor Devices by Streamline-Diffusion Methods
Xunlei Jiang
Forward Dynamics, Elimination Methods, and Formulation Stiffness in Robot Simulation
Dinesh Pai Uri Ascher and Benoit Cloutier
A Simple Proof Checker for Real-Time Systems
Catherine Leung
Sequential Regularization Methods for Nonlinear Higher Index DAEs
Uri M. Ascher and Ping Lin
The Creation, Presentation and Implications of Selected Auditory Illusions
Scott Flinn and Kellogg S. Booth
Coordinating Heterogeneous Time-Based Media Between Independent Applications
Scott Flinn
XTP Application Programming Interface
Roland Mechler and Gerald W. Neufeld
Model Checking Partially Ordered State Spaces
Scott Hazelhurst and Carl -J. H. Seger
A Shared 4-D Workspace
Miranda Ko and Peter Cahoon
On the Maximum Tolerable Noise for Reliable Computation by Formulas
William Evans and Nicholas Pippenger
Verification of Benchmarks 17 and 22 of the IFIP WG10.5 Benchmark Circuit Suite
Scott Hazelhurst and Carl -J. H. Seger
Optimal Algorithms to Embed Trees in a Point Set
Prosenjit Bose, Michael McAllister and Jack Snoeyink
Pure versus Impure Lisp
Nicholas Pippenger
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Scoliosis Surgery Using Stereophotogrammetry
Kellogg S. Booth, Stanley B. Jang, Chris W. Reilly, Bonita J. Sawatzky and Stephen J. Tredwell
Separating Reflection Functions for Linear Radiosity
Alain Fournier
From Local to Global Illumination and Back
Alain Fournier
VideHoc: A Visualizer for Homogenous Coordinates
Robert R. Lewis
Light-Driven Global Illumination with a Wavelet Representation of Light Transport
Robert R. Lewis and Alain Fournier
Union of Spheres (UoS) Model for Volumetric Data
Vishwa Ranjan and Alain Fournier
Shape Interpolations with Unions of Spheres
Vishwa Ranjan and Alain Fournier
Multiresolution Surface Reconstruction For Hierarchical B-splines
David R. Forsey and David Wong
Pasting Spline Surfaces
C. Barghiel, Richard H. Bartels and David R. Forsey
Surface Fitting with Hierarchical Splines
David R. Forsey and Richard H. Bartels
Regularization Methods for Differential Equations and Their Numerical Solution
Ping Lin
Illumination Problems in Computer Augmented Reality
Alain Fournier