Technical Reports


Exploring Common Conceptions About Boys and Electronic Games
Joan Lawry, Rena Upitis, Maria Klawe, Kori Inken, Ann Anderson, Mutindi Ndunda, David Hsu, Stephen Leroux and Kamran Sedighian
Generalized Ternary Simulation of Sequential Circuits
C. -J. Seger and J. A. Brzozowski
A Multigrid Solver for the Steady State Navier-Stokes Equations Using The Pressure-Poisson Formulation
David Sidilkover and Uri M. Ascher
Model-Based Object Recognition - A Survey of Recent Research
Arthur R. Pope
Cooperative Learning in the Classroom: The Importance of a Collaborative Environment for Computer-Based Education
Kori Inkpen, Kellogg S. Booth, Maria Klawe and Rena Upitis
Constant Time Parallel Indexing of Points in a Triangle
Simon Kahan and Pierre Kelsen
A Novel Constraint-Based Data Fusion System for Limited-Angle Computed Tomography
Jeffrey E. Boyd
A Computational Theory of Decision Networks
Nevin L. Zhang
Abduction to Plausible Causes: An Event-Based Model of Belief Update
Craig Boutilier
Probabilistic Conflicts in a Search Algorithm for Estimating Posterior Probabilities in Bayesian Networks
David Poole
Semantics, Consistency and Query Processing of Empirical Deductive Databases
Raymond T. Ng
Topology Building and Random Polygon Generation
Chong Zhu
Efficient and Effective Clustering Methods for Spatial Data Mining
Raymond T. Ng and Jiawei Han
Topological Aspects of Regular Languages
Nicholas Pippenger
Computing Common Tangents Without a Separating Line
David Kirkpatrick and Jack Snoeyink
Transformations in High Level Synthesis: Axiomatic Specification and Efficient Mechanical Verification
P. Sreeranga Rajan
Link Strength in Bayesian Networks
Brent Boerlage
Prescriptions: A Language for Describing Software Configurations
Jim Thornton
Vision Servers and Their Clients
James J. Little
An Analysis of Buffer Sharing and Prefetching Techniques for Multimedia Systems
Raymond T. Ng and Jinhai Yang
Incremental Algorithms for Optimizing Model Computation Based on Partial Instantiation
Raymond T. Ng and Xiaomei Tian
How Fast Will the Flip Flop?
Mark R. Greenstreet and Peter Cahoon
Informal, Semi-Formal, and Formal Approaches to the Specification of Software Requirements.
Marie Helene LinLee Wong Cheng In
Defeasible Preferences and Goal Derivation
Craig Boutilier
RASP - Robotics and Animation Simulation Platform
Gene S. Lee
A Foundation for the Design and Analysis of Robotic Systems and Behaviors
Zhang Ying
DECISION GRAPHS: Algorithms and Applications to Influence Diagram Evaluation and High-Level Path Planning Under Uncertainty
Runping Qi
Computing the largest inscribed isothetic rectangle
Helmut Alt, David Hsu and Jack Snoeyink
Conservative Approximations of Hybrid Systems
Andrew K. Martin and Carl-Johan Seger
Weird-a-gons and Other Folded Objects: The Influence of Computer Animation, Paper Models and Cooperative Mediation on Spatial Understanding
Rena Upitis, Ricard Dearden, Kori Inkpen, Joan Lawry, Maria Klawe, Kelly Davidson, Stephen Leroux, David Hsu, Nic Thorne, Kamran Sedighian, Robert Scharein and Ann Anderson
Exploiting Structure in Policy Construction
Craig Boutilier, Richard Dearden and M. Goldszmidt
Modeling Positional Uncertainty in Object Recognition
Arthur R. Pope and David G. Lowe
Multiresolution Rough Terrain Motion Planning
Dinesh K. Pai and L. M. Reissell
Langwidere: A New Facial Animation System
Carol L. Y. Wang, David R. Forsey
A Multilevel Approach to Surface Response in Dynamically Deformable Models
Larry Palazzi and David R. Forsey
Chebyshev Polynomials for Boxing and Intersections of Parametric Curves and Surfaces
Alain Fournier and John Buchanan
A Kinematic Model for Collision Response
Jason Harrison and David Forsey
Making Shaders More Physically Plausible
Robert R. Lewis
Visualizing Real-Time Multivariate Data Using Preattentive Processing
Christopher G. Healey, Kellogg S. Booth and James T. Enns
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Scoliosis Surgery Using Stereophotogrammetry
Stanley B. Jang, Kellogg S. Booth, Chris W. Reilly, Bonita J. Sawatzky and Stephen J. Tredwell