Undergrad student

Other Resources

The department aims to provide a world-class education to students. Your success is important to us. In this section you'll find links to resources that can help you succeed and to deal with the challenges that many students face while engaged in a degree program.

Learning Facilities 

If a concept has been presented in class that you don't understand, get help right away!

Demco Learning Centre (DLC)  Provides free, drop-in help for students enrolled in CPSC 110, 121 or 210. Assistance is provided on course concepts and on department computing facilities. The DLC also provides space for you to study, alone or in a small group.

Reading Room  Offers research assistance and recent tech publications and journals, along with course reserves.

The Faculty of Science and Learning Commons websites provide links to many other resources on campus such as academic coaching, tutoring and tips for research and writing. Take time to familiarize yourself with the resources available.