DLS Schedule for Mary Baker

Speaker Affiliation
HP Inc.
Associated Faculty
Scheduling Contact
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Time Location   
6:36pm    Mary arrives at YVR and takes cab to hotel                                                                              
Thursday, January 23, 2020
Time Location                                         
09:00    Mary takes cab to UBCAddress for taxi:  6245 Agronomy Rd.   
09:30     Holly KwanX553
10:00Margo SeltzerICCS 313
10:30Karthik PattabiramanICCS 304
11:00Helge RhodinICCS 304
11:30BreakICCS 304
12:00Robert XiaoICCS 304
12:30Lunch with Mark GreenstreetICCS 323
2:00Reid HolmesICCS 309
2:30Cake Day SocialX836
3:10Walk to CHBE (2360 East Mall) with Holly 
3:15Prep for TalkCHBE 101
3:30Talk - Intro by Margo SeltzerCHBE 101
4:50End of talk 
5:00Leave for dinner 
TBDDinner with Margo and Keith                                         TBD
Friday, January 24, 2020
Time Location                                                  
08:55           Mary takes cab to UBC                                                                               Address for taxi:  6245 Agronomy Rd.                                                    
09:25Holly Kwan                                             X553
09:30Ken SalemICCS 333
10:00Gregor KiczalesICCS 311
10:30      Jo AtleeICCS 304
11:003D Printing TalkX836
12:00Lunch with NSS group - Margo Seltzer, Nodir Kodirov, Niloo Zarif, Vaastav Anand, Maryam Raiyat, Ken Salem, Jo Atlee and others                                                                                                                                    X860 Lounge
3:00Tamara MunznerX661
3:30End of visit