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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time                                                                                                                            Location                                            
3:20Dave arrives at Vancouver YVR airport and takes cab to hotel                                             
Dinner:  Dave, Margo Seltzer, Mark Schmidt and Rachel Pottinger
Miku, 70-200 Granville St. (Canada Place & Howe) Tel: 604.568.3900. Reservation confirmed under Margo's name

Thursday, May 16, 2019

08:45      Dave takes cab to UBC
(Address for taxi:  6245 Agronomy Rd)
09:15Holly KwanICCS X553
09:30Margo Seltzer                                                                                                ICCS 313
10:00    Frank WoodICCS X861
10:30William BowmanICCS X530                    
11:00Prashant Nair and Sudip ShekharICCS X530
11:30Alexandra (Sasha) FedorovaICCS X530
12:00Gail Murphy, VP Research & InnovationICCS 305
12:30Alan Wagner
ICCS 321
1:00Lunch with students and Postdocs:  Dave, Swati Goswami, Anand Jayarajan, Nodir Kodirov, Surbhi Palande, Syed M. Iqbal, Ghita Berrada, Matheus StoletGleb Naumenko and Svetlana SodolICCS X836
2:00Alan MackworthICCS 121
2:30Alan HuICCS 325
3:05Walk to Forest Sciences Centre with Alan
3:10Prep for TalkFSC 1005
3:30TALK - Intro by Margo Seltzer                                                                                   
FSC 1005
4:30Q&AFSC 1005
4:50End of talk
5:00Meet & Greet Reception - Intro by Chen Greif (Dept Head)                                                
6:15Leave for dinner
7:15DinnerDave, Chen Greif, Ivan Beschastnikh and Tamara Munzner

Autostrada, 350 W. Pender St. Tel: (604) 428-9694. Reservation confirmed under Tamara's name

Friday, May 17, 2019

07:30City Tour & Breakfast: Dave, Anne Condon, Michiel Van de Panne & Frank Wood                                                                      Hotel lobby                                                           
11:00      Transportation from hotel to YVR (coordinated by Anne)TBD
1:30David departs YVR airport